W2S3 [ˈmænə US -ər] n
[Date: 1100-1200; : Old French; Origin: maniere 'way of acting, way of handling', from Latin manuarius 'of the hand', from manus 'hand']
1.) [singular] formal
the way in which something is done or happens
manner of (doing) sth
It seemed rather an odd manner of deciding things.
He felt some guilt over the manner of her death.
in a ... manner
I had hoped you would behave in a more responsible manner.
The issue will be resolved in a manner that is fair to both sides.
criticism of the manner in which the bishop was appointed
in the usual/normal etc manner
The matter should be submitted to the accounts committee in the usual manner.
2.) [singular]
the way in which someone behaves towards or talks to other people
She has a calm relaxed manner.
manner towards
Something in Beth's manner towards him had changed.
Sophie resented his high-handed manner.
3.) manners [plural]
polite ways of behaving in social situations
Her children all had such good manners .
It's bad manners to talk with your mouth full (=talk and eat at the same time) .
His manners were impeccable .
Dad gave us a lecture about our table manners .
You mind your manners , young man!
'Lesley just got up and left.' 'Some people have no manners .'
Good heavens, child, where are your manners ?
4.) manners [plural] formal
the customs of a particular group of people
a book about the life and manners of Victorian London
5.) in a manner of speaking
in some ways, though not exactly
'Are you his girlfriend?' Nicola asked. 'In a manner of speaking.'
6.) all manner of sth
formal many different kinds of things or people
We would discuss all manner of subjects.
The British Isles have been conquered by all manner of people.
7.) in the manner of sb/sth
formal in the style that is typical of a particular person or thing
a painting in the manner of the early Impressionists
8.) what manner of...?
literary what kind of
What manner of son would treat his mother in such a way?
9.) not by any manner of means
BrE spoken formal not at all
I haven't lost my interest in politics by any manner of means.
10.) (as) to the manner born
if you do something new as to the manner born, you do it in a natural confident way, as if you have done it many times before
bedside manner, comedy of manners
COLLOCATES for sense 3
have good/bad manners
it's good/bad manners to do something
perfect/impeccable manners
table manners (=the polite way of eating at a table)
mind your manners (=used to tell someone to behave politely)
somebody has no manners (=someone often behaves in a way that is not polite)
remember your manners (=behave politely)
forget your manners (=behave in an impolite way)
where are your manners? British English (=used to tell a child that he or she is behaving impolitely)

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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